SAN ANGELO, TX— In football, brotherhood is commonly used to describe the team’s chemistry. For the Miles Bulldogs, brotherhood means a lot more.

“Teams always say hey man play for your brother, play for the guy next to you, I mean it’s literal for us we got a bunch of those guys,” said head coach Jayson Wilhelm.

The Miles Bulldogs have five families playing next to one another on this team in 2022.

“It’s easy playing with your brother we have done it our entire lives. Whenever we were kids, I mean if it was raining outside or whatever you can’t go hang out with your friends, what are you going to do? I got my brother right over there we can go do something,” said senior wide receiver Carson Ellison.

The Torres, Medina, Ellison, and Wood families have a brother on this team they can lean on. For the older brothers on the team, the main goal is to set an example and help build upon the future of this program going forward.

“You got to set a standard for your little brothers because once we leave, they are the next guys up, so they are going to have to lead this program,” said senior defensive end Auden Torres.

Some of the younger brothers on this team have now moved up to varsity where they have a familiar shoulder to lean on in every aspect.

“I have someone to look forward to, someone to look up to, and someone for competition at home and other places it’s just good having a brother that plays the same position as you too,” said sophomore right guard Jaylen Torres.

A positive thing that comes out of playing alongside your brother, is your family has an easier opportunity to watch both on the field.

“It kinda helps that they don’t have to travel two different ways. They can just come to one game to watch both of us,” said senior running back Tanner Wood.

To have five sets of brothers on this team not only makes it special for them but also special for the team’s chemistry as a whole.

“You know we got a couple of others whose brothers are on the sidelines, managers, or ball boys or whatever. I think anytime you have that they are more able to hold each other accountable,” said Wilhelm.

“We all get together, all of us brothers. We are all friends, we have our own friend group, and we all talk on and off the field. We practice with each other, we come up to the field on like Saturday nights and we just play around, we throw the balls with each other and we all just connect,” said sophomore middle linebacker Devin Medina.