UPDATE 5/14/20 at 4:08 P.M. from the Department of Public Safety:

“Yesterday, at approximately 7:30 p.m. (CST), the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) was called by Schleicher County Sheriff’s Office to assist with an armed male subject who had barricaded himself inside his residence after an altercation between family members. After a lengthy standoff, the male subject exited the residence, and a gunfire exchange occurred between the subject and law enforcement officers. The subject died as a result of his injuries. The Texas Rangers are investigating this incident. As this is an active investigation, no further information is available at this time.”

SAN ANGELO, Texas – According to officials, a stand-off has been in progress in Schleicher County between an armed civilian and law enforcement. The armed civilian is known to be Donny Leek, a 47 year old male, who has been on a social media rant in regards to his beliefs about the government on his Facebook page for several days.

Leek became aggressive in his Facebook posts in regards to local media outlets and began expressing his severe conspiracies to his public social media, tagging local news outlets and also commenting on San Angelo news social pages with his radical ideas. The comments were noticed to become hostile and this was reported to authorities where The Texas Rangers began investigating.

On May 13, 2020, The Texas Rangers made contact with members of the Leek family to begin the process of investigation of Donny Leek. After contact with his family, DPS Troopers, along with Deputies from Schleicher and Menard County and Texas Game Wardens, arrived to the property to set up a perimeter and monitor the situation.

A 911 call was made from Leek’s own parents who informed authorities that they had been threatened by their son, Donny, and were hiding in the pasture at the remote ranch. Jason Chatham, Schliecher County Chief Deputy, responded to the call along with back up from a DPS Trooper and a Game Warden. Authorities located Leek’s parents safely and removed them from the property.

Donny Leek has been barricaded inside the mobile home on the property since Wednesday evening. He began going live on his personal Facebook page on the morning of Thursday May 14th. In the live videos, Donny began speaking about his radical conspiracies against the government and also using threatening commentary in regards to the law enforcement surrounding the property. His commentary turned violent, expressing that if he shall go down, more would go down with him.

Leek showed the 300 plus people who were actively watching his Faceboook Live, that he not only had assault style weapons in his possession but he also has an unprecedented amount of ammunition in storage as well. Toward the end of one of the Facebook Live videos, Leek was heard saying that authorities were getting near and the last thing viewers saw was his phone drop on the ground and a gun shot rang out.

At this time, Leeks has not been live on his Facebook again. We are not sure of the situation after that point. This is a developing story and we will bring you updates here on the ConchoValley Homepage as we receive them.

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