Breaking down tomorrows cold front

What to Expect Tomorrow

A potent cold front is currently moving through the Texas Panhandle. This front will continue moving south and across the state of Texas over the next 24 hours. Cold air will settle in quickly behind the front, dropping temperatures significantly within a couple of hours. In the Texas Panhandle 1-3 inches of snow is possible, while a wintry mix can’t be ruled out as far south as Lubbock.

Showers and isolated thunderstorms will begin early tomorrow morning as the cold front approaches the Concho Valley. Higher atmospheric energy will be available in our southern counties and throughout the Texas Hill Country. As a result, isolated strong to severe storms can’t be ruled out as storms come together in squall-like fashion.

Here is the current HRRR model run showing storms gathering in our southeastern counties early tomorrow afternoon. Models are subject to change as new model runs come in.

Weather models are simulations of the future state of the atmosphere out through time. Millions of observations are used as initial conditions in trillions of calculations, producing a three dimensional picture of what the atmosphere might look like at some time in the future.

Futurecast for Thursday Afternoon

Rainfall totals are expected to be scattered in nature ranging anywhere from 0.50” to 1.25” in our southeastern counties.

Estimated Rain Totals Through Thursday

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