Boys & Girls Club and Keep San Angelo Beautiful team up to teach children about recycling and water conservation


The Boys & Girls Club and Keep San Angelo Beautiful are teaming up for the Junior Ambassador Program by teaching Concho Valley children about the importance of recycling and water conservation.

Keep San Angelo Beautiful is all about enhancing the quality of life and keeping the best parts of the city beautiful.

Charlotte Anderson, Executive Director of Keep San Angelo Beautiful, says the best way to support that is educating our children about on it.

“What we will be doing for our new partners with the Boys & Girls Club is they’re going to have an opportunity to induct 150 new KSAB Junior Ambassadors and what this will entail is different lessons on the community on recycling on water conservation and the environment,” Anderson said.

The Boys & Girls Club is excited to help young people reach their potential, not only as good citizens but ones that care about the environment.

“I’m excited about the partnership. We’re being able to bring programs into the community, like the Junior Ambassador Program, and just being about to expose our kids to new things and that’s the whole goal of our program is to give them opportunities they might not otherwise be exposed to,” Tiffany Park, Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo, said.

The partnership will be on going where they host activities on consecutive Fridays, starting October 29th, where they will paint recycled bottles that they will later plant succulents in as well as participate in Recycling Day, on Monday, November 15th.

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