SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Tijuana officials said they will consider a proposal to create a “Pink Zone” in the downtown area that will include at least 10 bars and clubs catering to the LGBTQ+ community.

Edoardo Rodríguez Delgado, Tijuana’s assistant director of diversity and inclusion, told the El Sol Newspaper that the city has received a petition signed by club owners and community members asking for this “Pink Zone.”

“Many are working together to create a rainbow gathering point before dedicating it as the city’s Pink Zone,” said Rodríguez Delgado. “This requires a commitment from the city to provide a secure atmosphere for everyone, it’s important for those who are going to be inside these bars and clubs to feel safe.”

Rodríguez Delgado stated this area could become a tourist attraction for Tijuana just like San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood.

“These clubs welcome people with diverse sexual orientations from all over not just San Diego but Los Angeles and San Francisco,” he said. “This ‘Pink Zone’ designation sort of signals to all that you will be received in an amicable manner and the LGBTQ community can feel secure.”

Tijuana’s mayor and council have been very supportive of the idea and will take up the matter in the new year, Rodríguez Delgado said.

“We know Mayor Montserrat Caballero is an inclusive person who works within the business sector and understands how this will be handled, she’s not going to say no.”