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Mexican government asks families to help with disappearances in Reynosa

Border Report

MCALLEN, Texas — The government in Mexico is asking for help from families whose loved ones have gone missing in the northern state of Tamaulipas and are inviting families to come next month and try and help identify remains found in a massive grave site, according to various media reports.

The nonprofit group Asociation Justicia Tamaulipas is helping to get the word out and serving as a liason between the government and families who are trying to find their loved ones. The group reports that disappearances have gone up in Reynosa, Mexico, which is across the border from McAllen, Texas.

The rash of disappearances — including that of many women — is being attributed to ongoing turf wars between the Gulf Cartel, which controls Reynosa, and a faction that splintered off and is known as the Matamoros Faction, and sometimes goes by the names of Ciclones and/or Escorpiones.

Justicia Tamaulipas has reposted on social media several stories in Spanish that indicate families will be invited Aug. 1-2, to a site in Reynosa where it is believed hundreds of bodies are buried. Reports indicate that state officials plan to dig up the mass grave those days and want families on hand in the hopes they can locate their loved ones.

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