BELLMEAD, Texas (FOX 44) – Five weeks ago, tight restrictions on water consumption in Bellmead began.

Today, the city has announced the restoration of service to normal levels for a few reasons.

“Most importantly is the citizens of on a good job conserving water as we’ve asked them to do over the last roughly 4 to 5 weeks. And one of our water wells is back in service again,” says Yost Zakhary, the City Manager.

In the last three weeks, they have slowly reduced those restrictions as they monitor the city’s water tank levels, flow levels, as well as daily consumption usage.

“In Bellmead there’s two types of storage tanks. There’s ground storage, and then, of course, there’s the tall towers that you see which are above ground storage. And we monitored all of those and that’s what we based our decision on,” he says.

They were able to monitor each property’s water consumption through a new AMI System which stands for Automated Metering Infrastructure.

“We evaluate what the levels are and you’re looking for how much water is being used each day. And then you compare that to how much water you’re actually pulling out of the ground and how your storage tanks are able to retain the water,” he stated.

The Assistant City Manager of Bellmead, Karen Eveans, says two factors are the reason the community can resume their usual water consumption.

“Citizens have been awesome throughout this whole process. And also the rain. The rain was a blessing and I’m so glad that we got it,” says Evans.

But since the drought is no where near being over — the city still has one request for it’s residents.

“Don’t go crazy because we don’t want to have to go back into water restrictions,” says the Assistant City Manager.