Be Theatre produces four shows in 24 hours


You have to be prepared for anything at the theatre, especially when Be Theatre is putting on four shows in a days work.

One of the writers and Be Theatre’s Artistic Director, Elena Kent, says, “for 24 hours and we have the best time!”

It starts in the Black Box Theater on Friday and then everyone breaks up to produce the show and they end in the Brooks and Bates Theater.

And even though on of the shows is a musical, Production Manager, Ron Morse, says, “Nothing is prepared.”

So, the shows aren’t going to be large productions.

“It is a one act and we are just going to take the heart of that story,” says Morse.

From set pieces to costumes, everything stored in house are the only items that creative teams can use in the shows. 

“We don’t know if we have 20 guys and 37 girls or one girl and all the rest guys,” says Kent. “I mean you can’t write if you don’t know the ages of the people you are going to be working with.”

One thing they do know is that Be Theatre alumni from Austin, Texas–some of them being professional actors–will be coming to help.

“This theatre community is my family,” says Morse. “To come back here and create something with them again is exciting.”

Auditions begin Friday evening and the performance will be Saturday night at the Brooks and Bates Theater.

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