SAN ANGELO, Texas — This weekend, BE Theatre is putting on a Christmas-themed show titled “Mistletoe Mittens & Moscato” at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center.

BE is partnering with the Concho Valley Community Action Agency hoping to increase the clothes donated to the Agency’s homeless outreach efforts.

The Agency helps the homeless with ID cards, Birth Certificate applications, haircuts, and many other services: warm clothing included.

Sidney Timmer, BE Theatre’s Artistic Director, says, “We do have programs like into the warmth and Salvation Army that can put them up in hotels when it gets below a certain degree. But there’s a limited number of spots in that and it’s only for the freezing nights. So there’s a lot of other times where it’s super cold, but there’s nothing that they can do about it. And so we’re just trying to gather you know, cold weather items to help them make them make it through the winter.”

The goal of the shows is to provide the community with a show to enjoy and give them a chance to give to their homeless neighbors in need.

To find out information about the shows, visit, and to learn more about the Concho Valley Community Action agency, go to