You may remember Shelby Hoefling as the author we spoke to about her debut children’s book “Grandma’s in the Phone.” This book helps foster relationships and communication skills between grandparents and grandchildren when they chat online and via FaceTime.

Now, she’s released a new book called, “My Teacher’s in the Computer!”

Hoefling’s second book, officially released September 22, 2020, comes at a time when students across the country are facing a new way of attending school.

“There are children’s books out there to teach kids how to share, be kind, make friends, and so much more so I thought, why not a children’s book to teach kids how to be the best student they can be through a computer while also finding the positives in this situation we are in?” Hoefling said.

The characters are Haley, Eddy the Teddy, and Mac. Their descriptions are below.

Haley: This sweet little girl is able to find the bright side of any situation, especially this different situation she has been faced with: virtual schooling and her teacher in her computer! With the right routine, a much needed gold-star checklist, and a positive attitude she’s ready to teach Eddy how to be the best student he can be through the computer.

Eddy the Teddy: Eddy the Teddy is Haley’s best bud! Eddy was sent to Haley from Haley’s Grandma and the three of them do fun things together when Haley’s Grandma video calls to stay close. Perhaps that is why Eddy means so much to Haley! Eddy relies on Haley to learn how to be a gold-star student through the computer as well as find fun in this different situation they are both in as they attend school through the computer.

Mac: For those that read Shelby’s first book, Grandma’s in the Phone!, you’ll see that Mac is back! Mac is a friend of Haleys who is in the same classroom and also attending school through the computer. He can get excited from time to time and will no doubt have you giggling.

Hoefling also kept the teachers and parents in mind when writing this book.

“Teachers especially are nervous about children feeling distracted or not taking schooling seriously while attending school through the computer. Parents are nervous for the same thing as well as maintaining that school routine. This book was written to help with all of this and more!” Hoefling said.

In a Question and Answer format, Hoefling responds to some of her most frequently asked questinos about the book.

What inspired you to write this book?

When I started to see friends of mine sharing the news that most schools would be going back to school virtually this year, I felt an urge to do something to help. I felt the energy online was overall nervousness for what was ahead for these children and wanted to create a book to help settle these nerves and make the most of the situation these children, teachers, and parents are facing. A friend of mine who is a 2nd grade school teacher explained to me all of the things she is nervous about with regards to teaching through the computer and I then reached out to a few parents to understand what they needed most from my book to help them. With these conversations in mind I got to work! I made sure that this book touches upon the routine that a child should have when attending school (even if it’s through a computer) and I went through the problems children might face while using a computer to attend school providing solutions and actions to be taken as well as what to avoid ie: finding a work environment with no distractions, participating in class, raising your hand, avoid getting up from your desk, avoid eating while at your desk etc.

What research did you have to do to write this book?

I called around to many friends who are parents, teachers, and even connected with children who my book is written for. I wanted to understand fully what they are worried about, what they need help with, and how specifically I can help. I made sure that I spoke with a variety of people to ensure it spoke to children coming from all different backgrounds.

What gave you the idea to write this book?

When I got the news that most children would be attending school virtually this year, I thought to myself, ‘someone should create a book to help these kids learn how to do their best as well as have fun and look on the bright side of things!’ Next thing I knew, I was up all hours of the night working to get this book done as soon as possible!

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