Attorney discusses his new book “The Vanishing Trial,” issues in the criminal justice system, and what citizens can do about it


Attorney Robert Katzberg, believes the criminal justice system is facing a new issue; the disappearance of jury trials in Federal Courts. He details the ripple effect this issue could cause in his new book, The Vanishing Trial that was published July 7, 2020.

Katzberg has been an attorney for more than four decades. He first prosecuted federal criminal cases in New York. Later, he began defending high-profile cases across the country. Some of those cases are detailed in his book. Now, he resides in California.

Katzberg hopes readers will understand that the actual trial process is nothing like what they see on television shows or in movies.

In his book, he says he “names names” and gives details about several high-profile cases where the lawyers were “superstars.”

Katzberg says, when people read this book, they are sitting in his seat.

He also hopes that citizens will gain a new understand of the importance of their role in the criminal justice system. Katzberg says if citizens want to see a change in how the court process works, they need to write or call their legislators and fulfill another duty by voting.

The Vanishing Trial is described as, “Precise, thorough, and compellingly honest, The Vanishing Trial describes the realities of a courtroom world known only to insiders, one that cannot exist without jury trials. Finally, it provides readers with a roadmap to reclaim their role in preserving justice in America.”

The Vanishing Trial can be purchased on Amazon or in brick-and-mortar book stores.

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