ASU Professors invite local Boys and Girls Scouts to “Bats Aren’t Creepy” seminar


Bats are a symbol of Halloween because so many swarm in late October. One of the country’s leading experts on bats teaches right here at Angelo State University. 

Dr. Loren Ammerman, a biology professor at ASU invited local girl and boy scouts to learn about bats Monday evening. She has written a book on the 33 species of bats in Texas, and studied the 22 species that live in the Big Bend area of Texas. 

The overall goal of the event is to show boys and girls that bats are not “creepy”.

Dr. Ammerman recieved a grant from the fish and wildlife service for a two-year research project dedicated to protecting the endangered bat species, the Mexican long-nosed bat, which is native to southwest Texas. 

Dr. Ammerman says, “We didn’t realize there was going to be this many people. It’s a little overwhelming and great! I love to see a group of kids get excited over a group of animals, so, hopefully they learn something about how good bats are for the environment. 

Boys and girls were also treated to a lecture about bats from ASU biology professor, Dr. Michael Dixon. 

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