SAN ANGELO, Texas- A two-year project supported by a grant from the national security agency has led to the 2022 ASU cyber security camp.

“It’s run by the Air Force Association and provides students grades 6 through 12 with a basic cyber security understanding,” said Jarrod Ragsdale, an ASU PHD student.

The program is designed to get enough students interested and teachers involved to build teams and compete in the cyber patriot competition.

“It’s a national program! It’s more than 5,000 teams competing year round and hopefully we’ll have kids interested in it and build up teams in their schools to compete in the nationals,” said ASU computer science Department Chair, Erdogan Dogdu.

Asu PHD student, Ragsdale is spending his summer passing on his dreams to the next generation.

“I found my passion through video games as well like a lot of these kids and that kind of evolved into computer science as a whole,” added Ragsdale.

Through this project, University of Texas at San Antonio professors have come down to San Angelo to teach local teachers about how they can incorporate cyber security into their classrooms.

“The important thing is to get them interested in introducing cyber security to the curriculum,” said Dogdu.

One tool they’re showing teachers will help convey the information to students in a way they will understand.

“A card game, which is called Cyber Threat Defender that we produced. It has a number of different types of cards and we showed the teachers this morning how to introduce cyber security concepts in a fun way,” said University of Texas at San Antonio Computer Science Professor, Gregory White.

Professor White shares his admiration for San Angelo saying its the perfect place for growth as there is a diverse amount of job openings in the field here.

“It’s a great community to be working with. The level of interest and participation, I cant sing the praises enough for the city of San Angelo and for Angelo State University,” said White.