SAN ANGELO, Texas- Angelo states aviation program has taken off with success two semesters after being created, exceeding the university’s expectations.

“I really enjoy seeing the program grow. It takes a lot of people to put something like this together,” said Scott Turner, director and instructor of commercial aviation.

Finally getting its wheels off the ground after years of planning….it’s the only flight program in West Texas that offers flight simulators, and flight training at skyline aviation. So far 30 students have earned private pilots certifications.

“I love it so much. You get the best view, you’re not stuck in a cubicle doing a 9-5, and you get to see new things every day,” said Taylor Brasher, a sophomore and Vice President of Ram Air.

This program though, is not for the faint of heart.

“So, a typical day is pretty aggressive. I mean they’re going to school in the mornings and then coming out to the airport in the afternoons and trying to get in some flight time,” said Turner.

“It was a lot of stress but I got a sense of relief once I got the certificate,” said freshman Alexander Sanchez-Leon.

This is why a few students including Brasher started a student organization called Ram Air.

“It is draining, you kind of have to put your all into it. So we decided, we really wanted to create a program that can help with financial needs, motivation, and to build bonds with each other,” said Brasher.

And of course, with a new program comes new toys!

“This airplane which is a Diamond 42, they recently just got it. Alex and I have flown in it twice and it’s amazing. It smells brand new, it’s like the new car smell but a new plane. How can you not love it,” said Brasher.

With such great success, they expect a new wave of students next fall.

“There’s a good chance that this time next year we’ll have a 100 pilots in the program,” said Turner.