HOUSTON (KIAH) It’s Game 2 of the ALCS at Minute Maid Park. The first pitch went out at 6:37 this evening and we heard from Astros coach Dusty Baker prior to the game.

Pressure to #LevelUp

Pressure can be high for players expect to #LevelUp and for the Astros, it’s no different.

However, Baker said “some worry needlessly and about putting the ball in play. But these players run deep and have sheer determination and they enjoy competing. I just have to figure out how to keep these guys sharp. Mistakes can be made when attempting to put the ball in play.”

Baker was asked about third base coach Gary Pettis. “He’ll join us tonight.”

Here’s what he said about some of the players on the field tonight.

Altuve is due to hit

About 19-0 José Altuve, Baker said that any moment now, he will break through the streak. Baker said “some of the guys are taking the pressure off Altuve. HE’LL HIT. He’s hit all his life.”

Baker said he had a similar circumstance with Jose Cruz, but didn’t think any less of him.

He explained how Cruz had a tough moment in time where he simply couldn’t make contact with the ball. But he didn’t think any less of him.

Golden Glove nominees

Jeremy Pena, the lone member of the 18th inning homerun club is here tonight. He and Kyle Tucker are nominated for the Golden Glove and Baker couldn’t be more proud. “It means ‘I worked.'”

World Series?

About the World Series, Baker said “We’re taking it one day at a time. I’ll get it.”

Game 3 of ALCS

He doesn’t know who’ll start Game 3 but like he said, he’s “taking it day by day.”