Artist Profile – Patrick Saunders


    Dozens of artists are in the Concho Valley for a the En Plein Air Texas Competition.
    Patrick Saunders is originally from St. Louis. 

“I don’t live there anymore.I currently live on the road in an Airstream Trailor, and I travel from town to town, or city to city, and I paint,” say Saunders. 

“You know, it’s the people. Not only the artists, but the people
of the town, the people that run the event. Everybody’s really excited about it, there’s
a lot of energy and momentum, and the whole town gets interested in it. Not everywhere do
you go where you find people that are that motivated by the arts and San Angelo is one of
those places. Well first off, it’s the way the light hits it. There’s a design factor to
that, its just something that catches my eye from an aesthetic standpoint. But, there is 
more to it than that. A lot of times I know of the history of the place, or it might have 
some meaning to me, it might recall some experience I’ve had of something in the past, there
or at someplace similar. So, the first time I came to San Angelo, I didn’t know anything 
about the town, and, I just, kind-of, walked around, and it was more aesthetic base to what I 
chose the subject that I chose. Now, as I am getting to know the town, and I have met a lot
of people who have told me their stories, now I know the meaning behind a lot of places,
like, for now I am painting the Cactus Hotel, I’ve been there, I’ve been on the top floor, 
I’ve had great times there with my friends, and I know its important to a lot of people here
in San Angelo, and they have told me stories about it that make it more interesting to me.
This is my third time here. One of my favorite events, I love it here.”  

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