Are you an honest driver? Where Texas ranks when it comes to “fessing” up to an accident


Admit your wrongdoing. You learn it at an early age, but do you follow through? According to a recent index created by Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach, Texas tops the list.

Around 3,000 drivers were surveyed for the index. The main question they asked was, if they dented or scratched someone else`s car while driving, would they leave a message with their contact details?

Drivers aren’t all angels. It’s clear to see that if some people think they can get away with bad behavior they will definitely try it.

Joseph Gunther IV of Gunther Volvo Cars Delray Beach

The U.S. as a whole 1 in 3 (30%) say they wouldn’t fess up if this happened and would leave without writing a note or their leaving contact details! Meanwhile in Texas, 75% say they would do the right thing and confess to the damage by leaving a note with contact details.

So who are the least honest drivers? That title belongs to South Dakota.

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