Waco, TX (FOX 44) — The effects of rising costs in goods is trickling down to a special member in many families.

It’s pets. The price for dog food, medicine, maintenance and supplies are a strain on both pet owners and animal shelters.

Pounds and pounds of all types of dog food fill the shelves at Brazos Feed and Supply in Waco. Its owner, Gary Payne, says supply chain problems make it hard to provide every option.

“Our suppliers are telling us that the reason we can’t get a lot of things is they don’t have enough people or enough staff to run the lines to make all the dog food,” said Payne.

Fewer workers mean higher prices.

Brazos Feed and Supply has purchased different sizes of its best-selling dog foods to keep items on the shelves.

“If I only order ten bags of a product, they don’t have the staff to stack down that ten bags, so they penalize me and charge me 40 cents a bag if I don’t order a full pallet, and then that 40 cents a bag has to be passed on to the consumer,” said Payne.

Meanwhile, at the Central Texas Humane Society, they’re at code red as it now cares for nearly 200 dogs and cats. Its rescue coordinator, Julie Morriss, says the overall cost of living is causing the shelter to pick up more animals.

“The increase is just so insurmountable. What’s going on with human food, pet food, human care and vet care for animals,” said Morriss.

To prevent overcrowding, the humane society is pushing its Human Animal Support Services (HASS) initiative to save money caring for dogs and to help owners keep their pets.

“We try to do all the things to meet their needs so that can be going to hook you up with some pet food. If you needed medical care, we’ll probably be able to get you some some medical care at one of our local vet partners,” said Morriss.

If you want to help the Central Texas Humane Society, 1-year-old dogs and cats are free to adopt for the time being.