SAN ANGELO, Texas — Bobo is a local shelter pet that may face paralysis without immediate medical attention and CVPAWS is asking the community for help.

Bobo has found a home with a 12-year-old girl that adores her but one day she started acting like she was in pain and after several tests and medical visits it was discovered Bobo has a painful ruptured disk and needs immediate surgery to prevent paralysis according to CVPAWS.

She will have to go to a clinic in Abilene for this procedure and it is estimated to cost $2,500. CVPAWS has reached out to the community to help cover Bobo’s medical costs.

“Please help us help Bobo so she can have a chance to live the life she deserves as a beloved pet to a family that loves her,” said PAWS

So far $1,160 of the $2,500 goal has been reached.

If you would like to donate to help Bobo and her family visit or send a donation to PAWS at 3134 N. US Hwy 67, San Angelo, Tx. 76905. Donations are also accepted through one of their Facebook posts found here.