Tell me a little bit about what the ASU Career Development Office Does.

In the career development office, we have two umbrellas of services for our students and alumni. The first umbrella is career exploration and includes things like career counseling, vocational assessments, and occupational information. The second umbrella is employment and students with application material, interviewing tips and practice, and hosting networking workshops, etiquette dinners, and internship fairs.

What do you have planned for your first event?

This semester will be our part-time job fair. It is going to be held on Wednesday, February 1st from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Houston Harte University Center. I believe we currently have ten employers registered to participate, but we certainly have room for more. There is no registration fee for employers to come and recruit ram talent. We would love to have a broad range of companies and opportunities available that would reflect our student’s broad range of majors and interests.

Who should employers contact if they want to participate in the part-time job fair?

Employers can call our office at 325.942.2255 or send an email to