SAN ANGELO, Texas- Angelo State University students organized a protest just outside Porter Henderson Library on campus after they heard new plans that includes recycling the book collection.

“To establish ourselves as a research institution you have to have a physical collection. We would be one of the only physical schools in Texas to not have a physical collection within our library,” said ASU senior, Price Tarbet.

Students say the news comes from plans to reinvest in several renovations that include new study spaces that would take the place of where the books currently reside.

“We were not told the whole truth at first, which is that our physical collection of the library was going to be quote-unquote recycled meaning, that we are going to move to a completely online database,” said Tarbet.

“As a history major, we check out books all the time and we use this for our daily research for writing papers and everything, so getting rid of books is just such a shame,” said senior, Benjamin Colombo.

Without reliable wi-fi in the dorms and shorter library hours, students say this move could be detrimental to their education.

“In the dorms, there is one very specific corner that I have to sit in to get consistent Wi-Fi and internet service. So, what would happen to the students who don’t have reliable internet? What about the students who live off-campus who can’t get the specific books they need for their research project? What about the students who can’t drive to the public library,” said Foster Scurlock, an ASU Junior.

They also feel the university wasn’t transparent about the future changes.

“We live in an age of technology. I received six emails this week from the athletic department and the organization’s board which is great but it means that at least an email could be sent out about the building that at least every student has been into and at least every student has checked out a book,” said Tarbet.

The students say they just want to be included in upper administration decisions that affect them.

“Everything that we are doing here today, comes from a place of love. We are here because we love ASU and we care about the direction it’s moving for the future. So with that being said, we want to show that we care and that we want to be included on big decisions, especially those that pertain to our education and the future of that education,” said ASU senior Sophia Berg.

We reached out to Angelo State for comment on the upcoming changes.

“The Porter Henderson Library is looking at ways to modernize and maximize resources to Angelo State students. One of the areas that can be enhanced is the amount of digital resources available. This does not, however, mean the library is going online exclusively. We are working to ensure all Angelo State students, regardless of the modality in which they receive their courses, can access the resources the library provides in order achieve our mission to provide highly competitive graduates to the global marketplace,” said Director of Communications, Brittney Miller.