SAN ANGELO, Texas — On Friday, December 9, 2022, the Alzheimers Association West Texas presented their 2022 Education Conference: What Don’t I Know? Alzheimer’s, Lifestyle, Research & More.

According to Janet Cross, Program Manager for the AAWT, Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease is critical, and empowering oneself with the right information and resources is the first step toward living well with a diagnosis.

“Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains change as we age,” says Janet Cross, Program Manager for the West Texas chapter. “Most of us eventually notice some slowed thinking and occasional problems with remembering certain things. However, serious memory loss, confusion and other major changes in the way our minds work may be a sign that brain cells are failing. This event will offer insight into the complexities of dementia, treatments on the horizon, and the importance of healthy living and movement.”

Featured presenters included Jessica Cason, Health Systems Manager for Humana Military, Erin Lane, Artistic Director of Ballet San Angelo and Ginny Funk, Director of Programs/ Research Champion, Alzheimer’s Association.

Jeffery Smith, with the AAWT, wants our community to have access to resources to help combat symptoms of Alzheimer’s;

“Alzheimer’s is real and is very present. You may not see it every day but it is absolutely extremely present in our community and it is important that we stand up and do something for it,” said Smith.