College Station (FOX 44) — As parts of the nation stand with Israel and the victims of Hamas’ deadly attacks, Aggies at Texas A&M are walking in solidarity. In the evening of Thursday, Oct. 12, hundreds gathered at Rudders Plaza on the A&M campus to walk in support of Israel. Noah Freedman is the vice president of Hillel, an Israeli association at A&M. Both of his parents are Jewish, and he grew up celebrating Shabbat.

Just like many people at the walk, he has friends and family in Israel who have been affected. Freedman says the event is all about coming together in solidarity and listening to the needs of the Jewish community.

“I talked to many of my friends in Israel, and they’re asking us to support them in any way that we can. Honestly, this is the best way to be more able to do that. It really shows the Israelis and soldiers who are fighting for us that we care and that we have their backs,” Freedman says.

The Jewish community at Texas A&M consists of over 500 Jewish Aggies. For some, today’s walk was not just about offering support but also commemorating those who have lost their lives.