SAN ANGELO, Texas — Adoptions will resume at the San Angelo Animal Shelter following a widespread illness that affected the shelter’s dog population.

According to a statement issued by Concho Valley PAWS this morning, Wednesday, December 8, 2021, multiple dogs at the shelter became seriously ill after they were exposed to an ‘unknown substance’ on the weekend of Saturday, November 13th.

Easton, a terrier mix, sits in a kennel cage with a cone around his neck while receiving treatment for exposure to an unknown substance at San Angelo Animal Shelter.

Three dogs died as a result of the exposure and over 200 dogs were given immediate medical attention by PAWS staff. Dog adoptions were suspended at the animal shelter during the course of the dog’s treatment.

PAWS says all of the dogs undergoing treatment are doing well and will complete their treatments on Friday, December 10, which will allow the shelter to resume dog adoptions on Saturday, December 11.

PAWS veterinary team draws blood for testing and sets up an IV for life-saving drugs to be administered to an ill dog. Courtesy: Concho Valley PAWS

Treating the dogs has taken nearly a month and has cost Concho Valley Paws $13,000, an additional expenditure they say they will have to “work to make up for.”

How the dogs were exposed to the unknown substance that caused such widespread illness is under criminal investigation by the San Angelo Police Department.