WACO, Texas — Pets can be an amazing addition to our lives and to our families, but giving them as a Christmas gift, that’s a different story.

“The good is, if you’re a parent or parents, you want to give your child a pet for Christmas,” Betsy Robinson said, the Founder and Executive Director of Fuzzy Friends Rescue. “Yes, that’s a great idea, because those parents know what they’re getting themselves into.”

The holidays are about love and family, so many decide to add to their families with a pet. But sometimes, adopting or buying a pet for someone else may not be the easiest gift.

“The problem we get into is when people give up their boyfriend, their girlfriend, their parents, or friend,” Robinson said. “They go and buy or adopt a dog or a cat to give away as a gift to someone without the person’s knowledge.”

Fuzzy Friends and Killeen Animal Services have both told FOX 44 that this decision can lead to animals being brought back to the shelter.

“Yes, I think it’s always been a nationwide problem when people do come and adopt animals. Whether it be for themselves, their family, or friend,” Killeen Animal Services Manager Jessica Dunagan said. “Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. So we do see those animals come back in around February time frame.”

But if you are planning on adding to your family this holiday season, consider your local shelters.