SAN ANGELO, Texas- If you’ve ridden around town, you’ll notice plenty of construction and street projects. Looking at 2022 the goal for the city of San Angelo is to keep moving forward and finishing up current projects so they can add new ones to the plate.

Currently, each project, all in different phases from rehabilitating utilities to adding sidewalks is being prioritized by the city which is why you see some stick around longer than others.

“It stems back from the 2015 street study that we performed which really gave us a quantifiable measure of the streets. A rating index on each street in town and then were able to take that and based on the budget, the need, and the condition as it existed then, we prioritize those street projects,” said the Director of operations for the city, Patrick Frerich.

Projects like Southwest boulevard near McDonald’s looks to finish up some of the final pours before allowing traffic back to normal but they will be working just up the street on another portion.

“Once that opens up, there’s going to be another small closure right there at Green Meadow. Were extending the concrete through Green Meadow because we found that the soils underneath there are still unstable so were going to push the concrete passed that,” said Frerich.

Where as work on College Hills just began on Monday, May 16th.

“From Millbrook up to Avenue N, they are going to be replacing utilities. Once that’s done they will come in and they’ll do the street work right after. The utilities are going to take a little bit of time but just the coordination and where those water lines are running, is going to impede traffic a little bit,” said Frerich. “We’re going to keep traffic moving in both directions but it’s going to be one lane going both directions instead of the two with the turning lane that you’re used to.”

Around 14 projects are in progress but what most of us are wanting to know is how these projects are being funded.

“The street works, public works, operations, and all the other general fund money comes from sales tax, so as you go to Walmart or these local stores and buy things, that’s where that funding comes from.

Frerich tells us, he knows how frustrating projects can be to the driver but assures us that it will be all worth it.

“We have consistent progress moving forward on everything and projects are getting done as quickly as possible. We know that its disruptive to the public but in the end were looking for that good product and its worth the wait,” said Frerich.

Full List of active street projects:

Downtown Chadbourne Street

Southwest Boulevard

Bell Street

College Hills Loop 306 to Avenue N

Full List of future street projects

Edmund/Glenna/ 29th Street

Sunset Drive

Chadbourne Street Ave. L to Ave. B

Jackson Street: Knickerbocker to the Railroad tracks

Howard Street: Glenna South to Sherwood Way

Oakes Street

N. Monroe Street

Rio Concho Drive

N. Chadbourne Street: Loop 306 N. to 43rd Street