A Tour of the Don Freeman Memorial Museum in Eden.


Surrounding a series of display cases honoring military veterans at the Don Freeman Memorial Museum is the history of the Concho County.

The walls of the museum tell the story of Texas cattlemen working across the area, plus the native americans who roamed the county in the 1800’s.

Of note, the display of the 1871 Comanche raids, where Comanche natives stole cattle and took them to New Mexico–selling them to soldiers located in the state.

This according to Carolyn Moody–the curator of the museum, who says she started researching the area while living in D.C. with her husband Wendell.

She brought her research to Eden and alongside a number of other community groups was able to open up the museum.

Now she’s able to tell visitors about local military veterans like Ira Eaker and Eden native, James Earl Rudder.

“We also had two union men who settled here and were granted land here. The rest of them were confederates,” Moody says, describing the presence of civil war vets in the area. “When they would have civil war reunions, they would have them together.”

Her knowledge extends to women in the military as well–sharing the story of Sgt. Evelyn Jacoby of the Women’s Army Corps.

“She had two brothers in the war and told her parents ‘I’m gonna join the W.A.C.’s.’ They told her she couldn’t but she said ‘if my brothers can serve then so can I.'”

Moody says her research isn’t done. She visits Angelo State University frequently to learn more about Eden and the Concho County in an effort to add more history to the museum.

Don Freeman Memorial Museum
Paint Rock Street on the Square
Eden, TX 76837

Hours of operation Saturday 10:00 – 5:00 and Sunday 1:00 – 4:00

Contact (325) 869-2211 – City Hall, Monday-Friday
Weekends (325) 869-5074

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