LEAGUE CITY (CW39) Navajo veteran Harold Lloyd Eaton has a Bronze Star, a Silver Star and 2 Purple Heart. He has seen many things in his life. He even beat the odds when doctors told him he would not live to see 90 years of age.

Well, he’s beaten the odds and survived. And now, he’s hoping to celebrate, and he needs the public’s help to do it!

Harold Lloyd Eaton

The Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Division of The American Legion invites you to attend the Birthday Car Parade and Quilt of Valor Presentation it will be hosting for Retired Army Sergeant 1st Class Harold Lloyd Eaton, TODAY July 13.

Eaton was given one year to live due to the effects of his exposure to Agent Orange, but has survived past that one year and would like to celebrate his upcoming 90th birthday with a car parade.

We at CW39 found out about this and is trying to help spread his message of his birthday wish and also giving him a Birthday recognition on our morning show. Check it out below.

The event is free and open to the public! If you’d like to help out and take part in the car parade, contact the The American Legion Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Chairperson Lucy Gonzales at 281-543-0557.