SAN ANGELO, Texas- Artists from around the country made there way down to Fort Concho for the grand opening of the 37th annual American Great Plains Art Exhibit.

“It’s very exciting to see such a great turnout. I was praying on the way up here that there would be a lot of people here,” said artist, Judy Dudley.

More than 100 pieces of realistic artwork depicting the American great plains region were on display at the Quartermaster building. Judge Phil Bob Borman says the talent of these artists made his job pretty difficult.

“Every piece here has its own merit so there’s not a bad one in the bunch. It’s like asking me which one is your favorite ice cream, my answer is yes,” said Borman.

Dudley has been painting since she was a little girl and shares with us the story behind another little girl in her paintings.

“Well this is a little granddaughter of mine and she is quite an inspiration. In fact, she is now a senior at Texas A&M but this is from when she was a little girl,” Dudley said.

Award-winning artist Tim Vanya or ‘POPS’ as he likes to be called, tells us how it makes him feel for his art to be recognized by the community and his peers.

“It’s a wonderful feeling! It keeps you fired up, keeps you going, and makes you want to go get back in the studio and do some more work,” said Vanya.

The American Great Plains art will be on display until August 7th at Fort Concho and is available for sale if you find one that really speaks to you!