SAN ANGELO, Texas — The first performance of the 2023 San Angelo Rodeo is Friday night and organizers with the rodeo said there was so much excitement this year, that they sold out of all 13 events, in just 5 hours.

Executive Director of the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Justin Jonas told us, “We had 68 thousand people online at one time to buy tickets. and when you count all 13 performances at just under 5 thousand seats, you’re looking at 65 thousand seats only to be sold and we had 68 thousand online at one time to buy a ticket.”

Jonas says that is a good problem for them to have as it shows just how much the rodeo has grown and continues to be one of the top rodeos in the country. The rodeo staff is currently trying to find a way to pay for the expanse in seating capacity saying that they are confident and determined to make this rodeo an ever larger event.

Jonas says, “To tell you the truth right now, we don’t know exactly how all the money is going to come, I just know that our board is adamant that we get this done and I have been here 16 years and I know how hard they work at something when they want it done just as bad as we do so there is no doubt in my mind in the future that there will be something that will be done to this building.”

As 2023 rodeo attendees gear up for the festivities to start, Jonas says they are finding a way to accommodate as many viewers as possible by adding a large viewing screen between the midway carnival and the Buffalo Social Club beer barn.

He also recommends arriving at the rodeo grounds an hour before the performance starts to allow enough time for traffic, parking, and locating seats.

For more on the San Angelo Rodeo, visit and keep an eye out for tickets that may become available throughout the rodeo, on their Facebook page: San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo