Dozens of people headed to the range today for some friendly competition. It’s part of the 1ERA Copa Latina Pistol Competition.
    The participants shot from three different distances. The prizes: there was 5 trophies, 5 medals, and of course bragging rights.
    The organizer says it’s about having fun and learning some new safety skills.
    “We never have something like this here. This event for the Hispanic population. and bring the people here. That’s something exciting for me as Hispanic. I’m Puerto Rican. As a Hispanic I feel great that my community starts responding. The Anglos together. Everybody here together all the community. That’s why thank God for this event today,” says Reynaldo Maldonado, 1ERA Copa Latina Director.
    It’s aimed at getting more Hispanic people to participate but you don’t have to be Hispanic to compete. Organizers hope to make this a bi-annual competition.