Why choose us?

Audiologists are set apart from hearing aid dealers by education:

Audiologists have no less than a Master’s college degree of training in the areas listed above, and new graduates have a doctoral degree, which requires no less than 8 years of training.

The Hearing and Balance Center at West Texas Rehab is set apart from other Audiologist centers in the area because:

• We have a staff of 8 Doctors of Audiology with a combined 80 years of experience helping people with hearing and/or balance disorders.  This means that you have a team of dedicated, experienced professionals with the single goal of improving quality of life.

• We are trained to medically evaluate hearing loss and refer to a physician when results indicate the need.

• We stay on the cutting edge of technology that assists people with their hearing and balance. 

• We can provide interest free financing for hearing devices.

• We provide a 60 day trial period on all hearing technology.

Other services include:

• Other assistive listening devices, such as amplified phones, door bell and smoke alarm alerts for the hearing impaired
• Assessment of dizziness and imbalance (Abilene only)
• Industrial hearing screenings and provision
• Diagnostic infant screenings and testing
• Customized hearing protection for hunters, musicians, and employees working in loud environments

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Abilene: 325-793-3490 • 4601 Hartford

San Angelo: 325-223-6360 • 3001 South Jackson

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