SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Wall Lady Hawks golf team has brought home their third straight state championship title, after taking first place by just five strokes over Odessa Compass Academy.

“I think it says a lot about this program because we do have a lot of talented girls on this golf team and I’m sure we have a lot more talent coming up from middle school into next year and I think it just says that we have what it takes to win state championships,” said senior four-year member Shay West.

Having three straight championship titles under their belt is an accomplishment in itself, but this year’s championship was a bit more of a fight after falling behind one team at regionals, the Lady Hawks came determined to win.

“To see them get a third one, that was pretty neat, and then you know just the way that we did it,” said Lady Hawks head coach Rob Londerholm. “We beat a team that had already beaten us at regionals and I just told the girls I didn’t feel like I could beat us twice and so after that team beat us at regionals, they run an article on their paper about how “Oh we’re the favorite to beat or the one we’ve arrived as a program in” and it just kind a little fire in our girls that you know, you haven’t beat us yet where it matters at the state golf tournament so to see them win the third one was really really really fun.”

As this team gets ready to say goodbye to their seniors, they reflect on their time as Lady Hawks and what they hope they left with the program.

“I hope that I left them with the motivation to go get a fourth state title and to keep practicing just like they did every year to help us win our third one,” said senior two-year member Landree Bartz.

But with the seniors leaving, it’s time for them to hand over the reins to third-year teammate and incoming senior, Emily Green.

“Definitely just keeping up the hard work and dedication that we put in this year and the years throughout,” said junior third-year member Emily Green. “I definitely think it’s going to be fun this year just because we have a lot of new people coming in and so that’ll be really fun just kind of like teaching them everything and just showing them kind of how we like to do things.”