SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Wall Hawks hosted the Snyder Tigers, on Saturday afternoon, in their 2023 season opener.

Jack Duncan down low with the cross-court pass to Jager Thompson, he shoots, and he scores, a Hawks three-ball early on.

Thompson driving into the paint, he’s surrounded, dumping it to Paxton Brake, taking the shot. It bounces off the rim, Brake with the offensive rebound, and is put back, it’s textbook basketball by the Hawks, keeping them on top in the second.

Again, Thompson with the ball control, a pitch and swing over to Brake again, and it’s up and in for the Wall point now in the third.

Top of the key for Thompson, driving into a pack of Tigers, not to fret, he’ll get up and big to put the ball in for the Hawks.

With three seconds left in the third quarter, Duncan with the inbound to Augden Hallmark, he’ll find the sweet spot at the top of the key, the ball leaves his hands, and the buzzer rings out, sinking in a three-pointer like water.

The Wall Hawks take this one 44-38 over the Snyder Tigers to open their 2023 season.