SAN ANGELO, Texas — For the first time in 14 years, six man powerhouse Sterling City will be making the move to 11-man football after the UIL realignment back in February.

“It’s a lot different but we are up for the challenge anytime, that’s just how we are, we are always going to compete no matter what circumstances we are at,” said Adan Calderon, Eagles wide receiver.

There have been a lot of changes this summer and coming into the start of two-a-days for a group that was a powerhouse in 6-man this was just the beginning.

“A lot of learning, a lot of teaching these first four days but they are picking it up pretty quick and I’ve been impressed,” said head coach Trey Sisco.

Sisco saying the biggest learning curve for this upcoming year for the Eagles is the offensive and defensive line.

“It’s just kind of a totally new concept to them. not going out on routes and stuff like that, having them actually pass block so those are probably the biggest things,” said Sisco.

The team has a lot of learning to do to keep their success on the gridiron going two years off a 1A state championship.

“We want to go out there and surprise and be an underdog and show people that we can actually play and no matter what we can learn and adapt as we go out there and play with new guys,” said Johnny Monreal, Eagles running back.