SAN ANGELO, TX. — Coming off one of their best seasons in program history, the Grape Creek Eagles look to continue their success in 2022.

“You know we finished the season last year and boom we are already here for another season,” said Thiel.

Going into this upcoming season with dropping a classification, comes with new competition with more challenges.

“Nothing changes I mean we still expect to play for a district championship. We still expect to be a playoff team. The only difference this year is we want to win a playoff game,” said Thiel.

Tanner Thiel will be heading into his fifth year as head coach for the Eagles. Thiel continues to gain respect from his players having been able to turn this program around.

“Turning this team around, there’s been probably I don’t even know how many coaches have tried to turn Grape Creek around. No one has done it. He did,” said Gosnell.

The eagles have added half of the returning starters from last year going into this upcoming season.

“Most people think that last year was a fluke. So were just out to prove that we can sustain success out here. We expect to be a perennial playoff team from year in and year out from here on out,” said Thiel.

As for continuing the success from last year, the athletes have a certain mentality to play their best football.

“Doing what works and cut out the stuff that don’t work. We’ve been figuring out what we are good at, what we aren’t good at. We are learning something new every day,” said Jetton.

Grape Creek’s season gets under way August 26th at Stanton with the kick off being at 7 p.m.