SAN ANGELO, Texas — In 2022, the Christoval Cougars concluded the season below .500 for the first time since 2017, yet managed to secure a playoff spot for the tenth consecutive year. However, the athletes remain unsatisfied and hungry for more.

“I think last year we left with a bad taste in our mouth after losing to Hawley but coming back this year, the energy is different. Everyone is hooting and hollering and yelling, and it’s good energy. It’s not down low energy,” said senior slot receiver Jake Edmiston.

The program is excited about the upcoming season as they bring back seven players on offense and defense, boosting their prospects.

“The guys all coming back are going to be juniors. Our senior class only consists of five people. The experience will be good for these younger kids and going into the future,” said head coach Casey Otho.

“Having some seniors left, we can all lead well and help those younger guys learn. It’s already been happening out here. I feel like I’m always teaching a freshman something or showing them something,” said Edmiston.

Casey Otho, entering his eighth year as the head coach, aims to maintain his successful track record for the program.

“Game times are different than practice. You come out to practice, and you don’t have a lot of butterflies at practice. You hope whatever you’ve done during the week prepares you to get over those butterflies,” said Otho.

On August 25th, the Cougars kick off their season against the Eldorado Eagles in Eldorado. 

“The last couple of three years, we’d be the ones with a bullseye on our back, and sometimes if you don’t embrace that challenge, it will come back and get you. So, we’ve lost that target, and our goal this year is to get it back,” said Otho.