SAN ANGELO, Texas  — From the sidelines to the community, over to the books, and to the competition mat, the Central Cheerleaders are a powerhouse program that is more than being a cheerleader. 

“Being a part of Central, you really just get to be a part of such a big legacy that has gone through so many different years and we built up, not only us but the girls before us, such a great reputation,” said Senior Captain, Ella Burnes.

Central Cheer is a 5x NCA National Champion winner and they are the 2022 reigning NCA Champions along with an abundance of more awards, but while we may see all these awards, it’s the sisterhood behind the scenes that make this team so special. 

“Most of the girls in here are our best friends and we come in here and it’s a place that we can all just be ourselves,” Senior Captain, Carly Denson said. “We want to come here, we want to do this for each other. It’s really a selfless environment, we don’t want to do this just for ourselves.”

Along with a number of team awards this past year, Head Coach Matt Escue was named the 5A – 6A Cheerleading Coach of the Year. 

“Matt knows our worth and he knows how much potential we have so he makes sure we put that on the floor,” said Senior Captain, Kamryn Torres.

“That was a huge honor, totally unexpected, not something I had planned on or even really thought about. As far as growing, cheer is always evolving so if you’re not staying up with the trends and what’s next and what’s new, then your team is going to suffer and I like to win way too much for that to happen,” head coach Matt Escue said.

As for the goals for the season, winning is always a priority, but for the coaches, there’s more. 

“Just for them to have a great experience, that’s #1. Being at the games, soaking in those moments, and then having great friends, they’re gonna take with them after they leave the program,” said Escue.

“Building the relationships, that we’ve already seen them build in just the short time that this team has been together,” Assistant Coach Makayla Morgan said.

Now as this powerhouse team continues to prep for their upcoming season, you can keep up with all things Central Cheer and sports by following @SACentralCheer on Twitter and Instagram.