SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Sonora Broncos have started their season on a high note under second-year head coach Blake Weston. Going into week four, the Broncos welcome back quite a bit of returning athletes to the field, sitting at 2-1, and the reason for the success may just be the bond this team has on and off the field.

“This group is extremely tight-knit, they’re just a huge band of brothers they’re really close. It’s been really good bringing back our quarterback and running back, and two linemen. We brought back a lot of kids and leadership has been great this year,” said Broncos head coach Blake Weston.

“You know it’s more than just a football team, it’s more of a family thing. If one person drops the ball, we all drop the ball, one person misses a block, we all miss a block and we come together and we try to figure it out,” junior center, Elijah Samaniego said.

The bond and leadership this team has, well the athletes give the credit to their coaches for shaping them into who they are now.

“You know it all comes, starts with the coaches. I mean, they’re a bunch of role models, they coach us to become a better family than we were in the past. Just build our strength and agility to keep on trying and in most times in adversity, they teach us when adversity comes that we just come and smack it right in the mouth,” said Samaniego.

As the Broncos look forward to the rest of their season, their goals are simple. Get to play more football.

“Going 1-0 every week, we talk about that. The goal this week is to go 3-1, 1-0 this week, and continue to go 1-0 every week and at the end of the year, it’s to win that district championship and play some December football,” said Weston.

Now last season was the first winning season for the Broncos since 2018, but it looks like success will continue under Weston and Company.