SAN ANGELO, Texas — Heading into day three of two-a-days, we head down to the Ozona Lions who are ready for their 2023 Revenge tour after a three-win season last year.

“You know always, I think day three we’re a little worn out, hump day, but the kids are doing a great job. They’re working hard. I just think one of the biggest things for everyone right now is just our season last year didn’t go very well, didn’t go as planned for sure and I think all the kids are ready for some revenge to kind of prove themselves,” said Lions head coach Jarryd Taylor. “You know, they want to show that that’s not who they are and we got a lot of kids coming back.”

While last season might not have been what the Lions wanted, it gave them an opportunity to see the teams they are going up against again this season while also letting the younger guys who are now returning get in some in-game reps.

“We’re super young but I think this summer a lot of us key players really came in here and worked hard and we came out here with a goal and I think we’ve been really focused as far as learning what we have to do and everything and super, super disciplined, said Lions senior quarterback Dusty Smith. “We’ve just been sticking together as a team and getting done out here.”

The Ozona Lions get their season started on August 25th on the road taking on the TLCA Eagles.