SAN ANGELO, TX. — Life throws us all speed bumps from time to time. How we overcome and respond to that adversity says it all, and one Wall athlete is hoping for a big comeback in 2022.

“I was just so mad. I can’t even tell you how extremely mad I was,” said Everson Armstrong, Wall Hawk Junior Forward.

Wall’s Armstrong broke his leg in early August, then in his first day back since that injury, he broke his arm.

“I wasn’t even crying or yelling or anything. Five seconds after the injury, I was talking calmly just about how mad I was. I was out again and I couldn’t believe it. It was just so unlucky but what was I going to do? I just had to keep my head up and keep working through it,” said Armstrong.

Thanks to a corner of close friends and teammates close to him, it made Everson continue his push back to the court.

“My team who is my family. Whatever I do, it’s for them. When I could stand, I would be rebounding for someone or on the side shooting free throws, anything I can do to help coach and my teammates because they are my family,” said Armstrong.

Everson would encounter five straight months of rehab, two to three times a week, adding up to almost 30 hours of training.

“I’m not going to lie, a lot of the stuff was painful and some of the workouts I’d be doing were the hardest workouts I’d done in my life, don’t tell my coach, I mean they were extremely hard,” said Armstrong.

Then earlier this week, Everson would get clearance once again to return to the hardwood, back to doing what he loves.

“I can’t even tell you how good it felt. After all the injuries, and all the times I have been out, from my foot to my arm, from everything and not being able to play for so long it was just amazing to play,” said Armstrong.

All in hopes to lead his team to another district title and playoff run.

“Up in our banners, there are so many district titles, co-titles. It’s a lot of pressure but it’s also really fun to try and keep up this legacy. This Wall family, these roots run deep,” said Armstrong.