SAN ANGELO, Texas  — Sports is often a family affair and this year, the Irion County football team is proving just that, as three of the coaches have senior sons on the team. One last dance, Hornet style.

“Oh you’re coaches kid? Oh that’s cool, me too, and you just kind of bond right there,” said senior quarterback Trevin Coffell.

It’s a bond both inside and outside the lines of the football field for a special group in Irion County.

“What some people might not understand about coaches kids, is being in the environment all the time from a young age,” said Hornet Head Coach Don Coffell.

The Coffells are just one of the three trios of Hornet coaches that have senior players on the team this year.

“It’s nice having him in your corner. You get a special inside of the game. He breaks the game down more for me and I feel like it gives me more of an advantage,” said Trevin Coffell.

“It’s a pretty special time to do this with my son and for him to grow into a man as well as all these guys,” said Don Coffell.

Right beside Trevin, sits Running Back Jordan Harrison, with his father, Shawn Harrison, an assistant on the Hornet staff.

“It’s a blessing honestly. Not a lot of kids get to be coached by their dads and I’m sure they wish their dads were with them every game, so I’m just blessed to have him around ya know,” said Jordan Harrison.

“Just being around each other, a great staff, and then around our kids and getting to see our kids grow and mature and be a part of it, there’s nothing like it,” said Shawn Harrison.

The ‘Big 3’ as they are tabbed around Mertzon, having success in other sports as well, which hits home for both Shawn Harrison and Jordan.

“I took a team to the state basketball tournament in 2010, and he was about four years old and for them to drape a medal on his neck then and then to go last year with this group and to really get that medal now, I got goosebumps right now just thinking about it ya know,” said Shawn Harrison.

Lastly, sits the deep threat in Bo Morrow, and his father John Morrow, also an assistant on the sidelines for Irion County.

“Going into my senior year, and last year with him, I want to bring him everything he tells us to do, do it exactly how he says, the same with Coffell, just doing what he says. Going to practice working hard, and bringing the energy and trying to perfect the sport I am playing,” said Bo Morrow.

“The memories that hopefully we are going to make this year you cant look back in 20, or 10, or 5 years and you can say remember when you did this, or remember when you did that on the football field and hopefully they are really good memories, that’s what we are shooting for,” said John Morrow.

The Hornets kick their season off this Friday at home against Buena Vista.