SAN ANGELO, Texas  — Many students say goodbye to their parents in the mornings once they head to school. But for this father/daughter duo, it doesn’t just stop once Addyson Easterwood leaves the house for school. Her dad, Shay Easterwood, is the head football coach and athletic director at Brady High School, all while being a Bulldog alumni.

“Dad, I just want to leave a legacy behind in Brady, Texas,” Shay Easterwood said when talking about his daughter.

This is what senior four sport athlete Addyson Easterwood told her father just a few weeks ago.

“It’s always like he’s my comfort. I’ve never really been nervous about going to a new school or going really anywhere, because I’ve always had either one or both my parents on campus with me,” said Addyson Easterwood about having her dad on campus with her. “So, it’s always been fun, and I just really enjoy it.”

“Her mom and I, and sister, are very blessed and inspired by her,” Shay Easterwood expressed.

Addyson Easterwood has stacked on the accolades during her time as a Bulldog.

Some awards and honors Addyson Easterwood has been named to over the years.

“Honestly, because of her work ethic, she’s been through a lot of trials and tribulations in her life, on the athletic fields and courts, and various things, and just in life in general, the ups and downs of life, and man, she has persevered through those and become an amazing young lady, and we’re super proud of her.”

Being a Bulldog means a lot to Addyson when it comes to her family, a family full of Bulldogs, but she also wants to follow in her parent’s footsteps when it comes to the next chapter of her life.

“My grandparents graduated from here in Brady, my dad graduated, my mom graduated, so being the third generation graduating from Brady high school is pretty awesome. Then carrying on my parent’s legacy of going to Texas Tech is just even more awesome, because I love Texas Tech and I’ve grown up bleeding red and black,” Addyson Easterwood said about her time in Brady and the near future.

With one door closing as a Bulldog and another one opening as a Red Raider with a plan, one thing will remain the same. She will always go back to her dad about anything and everything that happens up in Raiderland.

“Football games,” was the first thing that came to Addyson Easterwood’s mind when calling her dad up in Lubbock. “Anything, I’m probably going to call my dad, because he’s just going to be over the moon, proud of me, so definitely when I get to be on the sidelines as a trainer at Texas Tech University.”

“When she got to meet Joey McGuire at the women’s basketball game, and him telling her if you get the athletic training internship that you’ve applied for, man, we’re going to have a lot of fun out here, I think it kind of has set in,” Shay Easterwood said about his daughter going on to college.

“I don’t want to admit it too loud, but I really do think it has set in, and I think she’s going to have an amazing time in Lubbock, Texas, and she’s really going to do some great things.” Shay Easterwood said about the realization of his daughter going off to college soon.