SAN ANGELO, Texas — Our KSAN Game of the Week highlights two powerhouse 6-man programs here in the Concho Valley. The undefeated Irion County Hornets are traveling to take on the 7-1 Robert Lee Steers.

“It’s been enjoyable and we want to continue it out being enjoyable and I think it will as long as the kids keep working hard and that’s what makes it enjoyable, yes we’ve won 7 games, but just seeming them work and improve, it’s made it worth it and we’ll just keep on going,” said Steers head coach Lee McCown.

Being 7-1 to start the season isn’t easy and this Robert Lee team is determined and hungry to keep winning and earn their respect back.

“I guess it’s just come from determination and the kids wanting to gain a little respect this year and determined to do that,” said McCown. “Seeing them start from day one and the work that they’ve put in, I think that’s where it comes from.”

“Earn the respect because we’ve lost a lot of our respect that the older class men have earned and we are earning all that back,” said Steers junior quarterback, Brody Pitcock.

Now over to the Irion County Hornets, a team that hasn’t seen a playoff win in a long time is undefeated and pushing for not only a district title but a strong run in playoffs.

“A district championship would mean the world to everybody here and it would mean the world to them boys, as hard as they’ve been working and the effort they’re putting in and attitude they give me in film session,” said Hornets head coach Don Coffell. “Like I stated, even in the last three weeks, I feel like the energy has picked up rather than dropped off. You get to game six, seven, weeks seven, eight, nine, things get a little tougher but the energy has picked up with this group of guys and a district championship is truly what they are shooting for.”

Going week in and week out, undefeated for most teams is a challenge, but this Hornets team says they know they can’t give up any errors and they feel like
it’s only day one for them.

“Give them no error,” Hornets senior center, Cameron Feller said. “If we have to prepare the same even if it’s undefeated, they haven’t won a game, we still have to prepare our best week in and week out.”

“It’s fun, it gives us something to work on, something to look forward to the next game, and we aren’t very tired, I guess we could say. We come out, we give a lot of energy, we’re working in the weight room every day so it’s just like day one,” said Hornets senior quarterback, Trevin Coffell.