SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Ozona Lions and Grape Creek Eagles are meeting up for a classic Concho Valley matchup.

The Lions are 1-2 on the season with wins over TLCA San Angelo, while the Eagles are still hungry for their first win of the 2023 season.

Because of the storm earlier this week, the game has been moved from Eagle Stadium in Grape Creek over to Lion Stadium in Ozona.

“One of the most important things is, our secondary guys. Keeping an eye on who’s eligible because of all the different things that they do. Eligible receivers are scattered around all over the place so it’s kind of being able to identify those guys, stay with them, and then like I said earlier about saying simple you know as long as we can play fast, get off our block, do what we’re supposed to do you know I think will be all right,” said Ozona head football coach Jarryd Taylor.

“We’re just going to kinda stick to what we do. Defenses played pretty well the last couple of weeks so we’re gonna depend on a good solid defense and taking care of the ball on offense,” said Grape Creek head football coach Tanner Thiel.