SAN ANGELO, Texas — Week eight of Texas High School football is here and the Christoval Cougars and Ozona Lions are facing off for our KSAN Game of the Week. The Cougars looking for another district win hoping to stop that Lion offense.

“The type of offense they run, we got to be really disciplined and play our assignments, make sure we are doing our job, not trying to do somebody else’s job,” Cougars head coach, Casey Otho said.

A 3-3 Christoval team has put those losses to bed, looking towards district already 1-0, hoping to extend their football season.

“You know, our record is not as important as a lot of people want to make it out to be. Our main goal right now is to win a district championship and get to playoffs,” said Otho.

Now the team heading to Christoval? The Ozona Lions, sitting at 2-4 on the season are hunting down the Cougars trying to get their first district win of the season.

“It’s been good this week, coming off the loss that we had with Sonora, our rival, you know, we were all down in the dumps but we take the weekend, go get over it, come Monday, we come back ready,” said Lions head coach, Jarryd Taylor. “We are still in district play, we’re still chasing the gold ball, so the kids are ready, hungry for it and really just that first district loss has made us a little bit hungrier.”

Christoval and Ozona have met in spring sports before, but this is a new match-up on the gridiron and an even battle trying to secure a win.

“It’s more like reassurance, pretty much. It’s good to know that they have ups and downs just like we have ups and downs, they’re people, we’re people,” said Lions junior linebacker & running back, Rigo Treto. “It’s just going to be a good game. It’s kind of like new challenges, Christoval, we’ve seen them in track, and baseball, it’s just that football is a new sport they came into.”

Even though this team has seen ups and downs this season, their motto is Tough people win, and they embed it into all of their practices, especially going into week eight.

“One of the biggest things we’re always telling them is football is a tough sport played by tough people and one of our mottos has been tough people win and this is the time when championship teams are just starting to be the champions that they are, so we can’t fall off as we keep going, keep grinding, we’ve got to get better and better,” said Taylor.