SAN ANGELO, Texas — In this week’s KSAN Game of the Week, the Brady Bulldogs traveled to San Angelo to take on the TLCA Eagles.

“I think we’re pretty high right now,” said Bulldogs quarterback Hayden Baronet. “Two wins in a row after starting 0-3. We think we got a good shot to finish out the year pretty strong, but we got to do you know stay humble, and work like we have been.”

The Bulldogs have been working with the mindset, “Go Big”, and yell it every time they break out of a huddle.

But it doesn’t just mean going big on the field, to them it means more.

“Go big stands for begin in gratitude and we talk to our young men all the time about, if you begin in gratitude, it’s really hard to be negative and would kind of spread that throughout our community and within our athletic department and within our football team and that just helps us keep a positive mindset when adversity strikes and helps kind of focus on what’s next and be thankful for the opportunities to learn and get better,” Brady head coach Shay Easterwood explained.

On the other side of the gridiron, the TLCA Eagles have seen their fair share of success so far this season.

“My biggest thing is for us to come out excited and on fire ready to go play,” TLCA head coach Matt Jones said. “That’s the biggest thing that could hurt us, is if we look around and we see these injuries and we’ve been playing different positions and doing all these new things the last few weeks because of those injuries and it allows us to come out flat and let Brady get a big jump on us.”