SAN ANGELO, Texas — Our KSAN Game of the Week spotlights our two top District 13-1A teams, the 6-1 Robert Lee Steers host the undefeated 7-0 Veribest Falcons.

“We just have to prepare well for them, I mean they are 7-0, they’re playing great ball, well coached so I mean we just have to be focused and do what we do and prepare well and be ready to go,” said Steers head football coach Lee McCown. “Man, I hope we see that we get after it from the start to the finish, hopefully, we see that we’re well prepared and we play hard and we play physical and that’s our goal for Friday.

“Well, we got a big target on our back and we kind of want to keep going, stay undefeated because last year they (Veribest) didn’t have too good of a season and we’re having a great season so far and I want to stay undefeated,” said Falcons senior lineman, Elijah Ynostrosa. “We plan on being more physical, me and Lane, both, we plan on blocking, and have our best blocking game yet. We’re going to throw a lot of new things at them, practice some things we haven’t practiced yet, and put a lot of things into motion.”

“Definitely physicality, we’ve been over physicality the whole season – need to work on it, especially since last year so it’ll be a very physical and high-scoring game,” said Falcons junior lineman, Lane Palmer.

Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. at Griffith Stadium at Robert Lee High School.