SAN ANGELO, TX— As practices come to an end there is one thing on the player’s and coaches’ minds, and that is the sights and sounds of Friday night football.

The 18th ranked 5-2A Div.II Eldorado Eagles will face the 17th ranked 3-2A Div. I Christoval Cougars in a top 25 ranked showdown.

“It’s the first game of the year. It’s always going to be hyped up anyway and with such a good opponent like Christoval, you got to come out and you got to be ready,” said Eldorado head coach Chad Tutle.

The Eldorado Eagles and the Christoval Cougars are keeping their rivalry alive as these two teams have met eighteen times since 2000. This year these two rivals will open the season against each other.

“Just because it is Eldorado, it puts a little more emphasis on it because we’ve been rivals in the past and things like that. Even though it’s not for a district championship, our kids are ready to play,” said Christoval head coach Casey Otho.

Second-year quarterback Kyle Loehman is confident in his team’s consistency and is ready to get out on the field under those Friday night lights at home.

“They’re a good team like I said I know they lost a lot of kids, just like we did but everything I think is going to be the same and I think we are ready,” said Christoval quarterback Kyle Loehman.

Jason Covarrubiaz will be the new starting quarterback for the Eagles as Eldorado will look to follow up on one of the best seasons in program history.

“I want to win for sure but also I just want to help the team out doing the best I can,” said Eldorado quarterback Jason Covarrubiaz.

“These kids have been practicing pretty hard the last three weeks and you know I think they’re ready to go,” said Tutle.

“Just everything we’ve done, the preparation you know, is what we try to get to through this Friday, and just you know they’re gonna get graded,” said Otho.