SAN ANGELO, Texas — Bobcats hosting Abilene Wylie on the hardwood, looking to bounce back on their home court.

An 11-0 run to start the game for the Cats, Christian English gets the all, you think he’s going for the shot, but it’s over to Jaedyn Gipson for the bucket.

Hayden Schmidt to Kollin Allbright, he’ll get up and draws the and one for the Bobcats.

English brother action right here, Jacob English this time, he’ll make that three look easy.

Now watch Mike Salazar here, he’ll get the rebound, kick it out to Jacoby Yates, and set back up for his own three-pointer that just sinks in.

The Central Bobcats take this one big, over Abilene Wylie 60-45 at home and are gearing up for some tournament play.